Monday, September 24, 2012

How My Messed Up Blog Was Fixed..

I am thrilled that my blog is fixed!!! Thanks to my friend Kane who gave me advice on what to do.  First thing, why was my blog messed up?  It's all because of my lack of satisfaction with the layouts.  I have already tried several layouts and it was great because there were slideshows, etc etc etc.  but I was having problems about the pages, blah blah blah so I tried some more tinkering with my blog until it all crashed.  Now my frustrations kept me from posting because every time I log in and saw the disaster I made, it made me decide to leave my blog without fixing it. I also tried signing up with a new one but never had the heart to start a post. Up until this morning, I asked my friend if she could help me with that. So she told me what layout she used and oh my, I realized that I am still new to blogging but I am already thinking that my blog should be this perfect.  I was wrong. I learned that I should start from simple layouts that I could manage until I am familiar enough to venture into a more dynamic one.  So hit me, if I missed a month without posting about my wayward thoughts...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's been a while since I wrote a blog! Whew.. I think I am experiencing a pseudo-writer's block.  I have yet to finish all these drafts stuck in my blog and I am lazy to do it.  But kidding aside, These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for me.  After the burial, I focused on our French class which I am now starting to enjoy.  I already have three absences because I felt so left out during class (where are we now? what is my teacher saying? I don't understand even one lesson.)  I am currently embracing the language which I will hopefully use in the years to come.

Weeks ago, I encountered a conflict which in my mind was a non-issue. I'm trying to help out a person but sadly there are people who were not open enough to understand me.  With the help of my husband, the guidance of our Lord, I faced the problem and settled it.  Lesson learned, there will always be conflicts arising even if your motive is good.

Now on to a lighter news.  Last week my husband surprised me with a new phone!!!! Now I'm enjoying the Lenovo P700 which has all the specs that I need.  The long battery life along with a Belkin Travel Charger helped me to study more and browse more!  I am not a techie.  I need a few apps for my phone like Wi-fi, PDF reader, and Photo Apps and this affordable gadget that I am currently using surpassed all my expectations.

Planning...  My group from the french class are currently planning for our long stay in Cebu on November.  The exams will be on November 28, 29 and December 1 and there will be a review a week prior to that.  My husband and I are already planning to travel by land because it will be our first time to ride together in a bus! Funny that in our 9 years, we haven't rode a bus together.  We call this trip "Backpacking to Cebu" which I think will be memorable because it will also be our first time to stay out of town for 2 weeks.  We already found a place to stay and I hope our expectations will be met.

Anxiety and excitement.  That's what I feel even if the trip is still on November.  I hope we will all pass the French exam and next year will be a better and fruitful year for us.