Tuesday, July 31, 2012

City Girl at a Farm? First Times...

Who would expect that today I will experience something different? A visit to the farm, feeding the pigs and conversing with the caretakers --- these are our usual to-do lists when going there. But today became different...

It all happened when Tita Mitzi wanted to go find shells (I forgot the name).  Along with Tita Tata, Nang Susan, Nang Melanie, Bastitoy and Inday we walked for almost 1 kilometer heading to the stream where the  shells are located.  Walking over the rice fields (kahon) was very thrilling especially when the soil is smooth due to heavy rains.  Imagine getting stuck in the mud. A city girl doesn't get to experience this everyday.  :)

When we arrived, there is a stream about 1 meter wide in between the ricefields.  The group already started going down the knee high water picking up shells while I was a bit hesitant because thinking I have wounds in the feet (leptospirosis?)  My bladder was a bit full but I decided against hiding over the bananas to pee. (It was a first if I did not hold my urge.lol) They are so happy looking for the shells that I became envious. So my impulsive self decided to try and dip myself too.  Bahala na Leptospirosis, Schistosomiasis.  It was so fun picking up shells, making your fingernails dirty in the mud.  Eventually I gave up after several failed attempts. :)

Looking afar, the dark skies are looming over us.  Manang Melanie told us that the rain will not fall but us being the city girls, afraid of getting wet packed up hurriedly and walked, almost run back to the rice fields again.  I was the first in line so I walked fast on an 8-inch elevated ground.  Oh my, being so careless I accidentally stepped on the mud losing my balance.  Whoops! I throw the basket and my slippers got stuck under a foot of mud.  But I still considered myself lucky for my clothes were spared.  But Tita Mitzi also hurrying fell with her feet up. Her clothes were full of mud. (imagine!) It was unforgettable! First times in my life that I dip in a dirty stream and falling on the rice fields.  But these first moments that we rarely experienced become spices of our lives.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Blind Dog or The Invisible Cat?

What comes into your mind when you hear the words cats and dogs? cuddly?quarrels?cuteness?

Here's the thing..when a husband's dog looking at the wife's cat, what will be the couples' reaction?

I always laugh when I see this video.(Link below).. Trizz a 10 year-old Labrador is not used to cats.  She always chase them away.  On the other hand, my adopted cat Samuel who is living at my parents' house often comes over to our house just to rest under the car..Just watch the video..see for yourself why my cat is invisible..:)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mall Rat...Friendship Bonding..Pizza Hut...

Our lunchdate was cancelled TWICE already...But yesterday it pulled through.  Me and my friend Rai always had lunch dates when I was a fully-paid employee.  But now that I am a plain housewife, I rarely have the time to go out. IELTS review, business, etc etc etc always get in the way of pleasure.  Permission granted, my husband always tells me to go out and have fun but me in my solitary being when confined in our bedroom in front of the laptop always, I become immobilized.  So what happened yesterday..

*woke up and pmed Rai..
*showered and wore my in-house clothes: shirt, shorts, flipflops.
*my ever loving hubby drove me to the nearest jeepney terminal
*walked almost 1 km to SM..my choice..
*waited at NBS, bought a few things for our Grade 4 boy..
*Rai arrived.decided to eat in the restaurant in front of NBS..Pizza Hut!
*first time to try the P99 Panalo Meals where you can choose a variety of meals: soup/salad, pasta/pizza and iced tea/softdrinks.
*i chose the Mushroom soup, Cheeseburger pizza and iced tea..oh forgetting my high cholesterol levels.

This food treat is exceptionally affordable.  Your 100 pesos can make your tummy happy!  

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Life of an IELTS Examinee..

I will be taking this exam next week and what can I say? I'm so nervous, especially in the Speaking Exam..I always stutter whenever I am nervous. I hope next week I will overcome this feeling.  Before taking the test, I have a few tips for you.Hope this will help.

1.  Review.  Choose a good review center.  I chose Excelsior Training and Consulting Services because of its reputation and good reviews.  If you reside in Bacolod City, their location is at Room 246, 2nd Floor (Office Level) Plaza Mart City Mall.  You can contact them through landline: (034) 433 -1976, or mobile 09156519984.  They offer a 2-week lecture, practice tests and simulation which will prepare you better for the exam.  If you are planning to self-review, make sure you have time and you should dedicate yourself to the review. Beware of temptations! :)

2. Research.  Search the net. Look for websites that give IELTS Writing Samples and Speaking Topics. If you are taking the General Training test like me, try this site: http://ieltswritingsamples.blogspot.com/.  It is very helpful. The samples can give you ideas on what to write in a letter.  You can also try http://www.ielts-exam.net/IELTS-Writing-Samples/ielts-writing.htm. You can also try listening to BBC news or any shows or movies with British accents.  This will help you adapt in different accents that you will encounter in the Listening Test.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.  It will sharpen your Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.  Practice makes perfect. Your brain will be more comfortable in dealing with difficult questions if you bombard it with plenty of questions.

4. Pray.  Ask God for guidance and for knowledge and wisdom.

5. Prepare. Prepare the clothes that you will wear on the Speaking Test and your proof of identity.  Sharpen your pencils and clean your erasers.

Enjoy... :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Love Story Unfolded...

       They always say it's "meant to be" when they hear our love story.  I guess they are right. But the best description would be a "match-made-in-heaven".  Here I am writing my love story from the past nine years up to the present, the day I said "yes" until the time I said "I do and I will."  

I met this boy when I was in Kindergarten. We always tease him "Lance Ambulance."  Never in my life I imagined that I will marry him someday.  

Years passed and we meet again but this time it was different.  The age gap didn't matter.  I was older in age but he was older when it comes to maturity. I always think that it's God's plan that we will be together.Who would think that we would be neighbors and his house would be directly opposite from mine?  We are almost opposite in most ways, me- an introvert and him the extrovert, he was friendly and I'm the shy type so I never thought that a love story so great will start from two almost different individuals.

It all started from the chess competition where we had our first convo again followed by the Christmas event meetings and dog talks.  I later learned that these things were his ways to get closer to me.  We always brought up topics where our load P300 or more were drained in 2 to 3 days (remember we just live across each other).  Things got better when we talk in person.  Thanks to our friends who teased us. :)

February 1, 2003, a date to remember....it's our anniversary. The start of "us".  

We had our dates, inside and outside our homes. We had our getaways.  Being in a relationship is the best feeling in the world. You are loved and you love someone. You have a best friend at the same time a lover.  You can call someone in the wee hours of the morning just to talk.  You have a running partner, a partner in the hoops and you have a driver where you want to go. But being in a nine-year relationship is tough.  Adjustments, misunderstandings, quarrels, jealousy and time were hard to conquer. There were times that we almost gave up.  It was tougher because we feel that we are near yet so far.  We sometimes have to lie to our families when we had our misunderstandings. Our families and friends were also affected during those trying times.  But with the grace of our Lord we made it through. 

2012 --- another unexpected year.  The year we turned 25.  A quarter of a century changes my perspective of things.  In the past, I never daydreamed of weddings, having a family but I realized when you get older, it changes.  I thought of weddings, walking in the aisle, wearing the white dress.  February 1, 2012, we celebrated our 9th year anniversary. We have talks about marriage but we always agree that we have to save up first.  10 days after.... our families talk about our future career-wise.  It was God's way of telling us "what are you waiting for?" This huge jump in our career lives made us think that what are we still waiting.  We talked to our parents and our families that it was time to settle down.

More than a month after...March 20, 2012 ---- a month long preparation for the wedding!  It was tough! Tougher than you think it is.  Invitations, food, flowers, decorations, the Pastor and the Judge, the marriage license, sound system, bands, everything has to be organized in a span of ONE MONTH! (You would think why just a one-month preparation?His dad will arrive from abroad and it's the only month the whole family will be complete.)  The never-ending support of our families and friends gave us the courage and determination to make this event successful.

July 1, 2012 -- we are celebrating our 9th year and 5 months of togetherness and 3 months of married life while I am writing this blog.  This is not over yet, this is just the start. We are still at the beginning of the big future that awaits us but our love and faith in Christ will strengthen our bond of marriage...I love you my heart....