Friday, July 20, 2012

Mall Rat...Friendship Bonding..Pizza Hut...

Our lunchdate was cancelled TWICE already...But yesterday it pulled through.  Me and my friend Rai always had lunch dates when I was a fully-paid employee.  But now that I am a plain housewife, I rarely have the time to go out. IELTS review, business, etc etc etc always get in the way of pleasure.  Permission granted, my husband always tells me to go out and have fun but me in my solitary being when confined in our bedroom in front of the laptop always, I become immobilized.  So what happened yesterday..

*woke up and pmed Rai..
*showered and wore my in-house clothes: shirt, shorts, flipflops.
*my ever loving hubby drove me to the nearest jeepney terminal
*walked almost 1 km to choice..
*waited at NBS, bought a few things for our Grade 4 boy..
*Rai arrived.decided to eat in the restaurant in front of NBS..Pizza Hut!
*first time to try the P99 Panalo Meals where you can choose a variety of meals: soup/salad, pasta/pizza and iced tea/softdrinks.
*i chose the Mushroom soup, Cheeseburger pizza and iced tea..oh forgetting my high cholesterol levels.

This food treat is exceptionally affordable.  Your 100 pesos can make your tummy happy!  

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