Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random Post

I just downloaded the blogger app on iphone so i'm trying it now. Mind you guys, this is not my phone but my husband's. I have no time recently to post a blog. I have drafts but I have no time to finish them. My present location is at St. Peter while I am writing this. Our beloved Tito Nap joined our Creator last Friday. He succumb to his illness after fighting for months. It's been a busy day for me and my husband: coming here everyday at the same time preparing for our french class which will start tomorrow.Bonjour! We also have our little porky business which is on weekends. My Mr Suit is not feeling well already while I am still hanging on to my Anyways, I feel better now that I have posted something in my blog out of the blue. May the Lord bless each and every one who are here on the wake. May He give strength and good health to all. Wherever you are Tito Nap, we love you and you are missed.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Treasuring Volunteers

I was surprised to see in our group's page in FB that the hospital where I used to work will host a program for the volunteers who have worked in the institution.  Ever since I was employed in 2008, they didn't have these kind of programs like honoring trainees and volunteers so I was baffled to see that they are having this gathering.

I was already late.  They said the program will start at 4pm but I arrived at quarter to 5 (due to my pedi session).  Luckily, some of my former colleagues are already there and the program has just started.

Opening remarks was given, volunteers from different departments were introduced, message was delivered and there are production numbers coming from the different groups.  I was elated because I am meeting my friends again whom I met during my trainee and volunteer years at CLMMRH.  After the food was served, there was a slideshow with pictures of volunteers and a picture of me and Marnie was included!lol.

We are thankful that through this program, we know that we are valued.:)

On the other hand, the reason why I wrote this blog is to share the value of volunteering.  Being a volunteer is not easy especially when you're a nurse.  As Wikipedia defines Volunteering (see below), volunteering is intended to improve quality of life.  I remember when I used to work in a hospital, I woke up early in the morning, or stay awake in the middle of the night just to render care to the patients.  A volunteer doesn't get paid.  Sometimes I get to handle difficult situations or be with not-so-happy workmates.  But it's all part of the experience.  A volunteer does not think of his self but rather think of other people first.

Through this experience, I have learned many lessons that it's not about you always.  God gave us talents and skills to share it with others.

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. It is considered as serving the society through own interest, personal skills or learning, which in return produces a feeling of self-worth and respect, instead of money. Volunteering is also famous for skill development, to socialize and to have fun. It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment or for a variety of other reasons. (

Volunteer's Creed
Though my troubles and my worries
are sometimes all that I can see -
still I always must remember
life's not only about me.
Other souls are also hurting
and I know that it's God's plan
to reach out to help another -
to extend them my hand.
With this purpose as my focus -
to be a comfort to a friend -
all my troubles and my worries
seem to fade out in the end.
It is one of God's true lessons -
how my walk is meant to be -
true happiness I find when
life's not only about me.
~Tom Krause
Motivational Speaker
Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul
An Ode to our Volunteers!
No matter the day or the month or the year
Our volunteers are always here
To help with the elderly the confused or the sick
Our volunteers know they have been hand picked!
A warm friendly smile, and reassuring voice,
is the best dressed volunteer’s accessory of choice
You wear brightly coloured costumes; you wear blue, coral and red,
You even wag your tail when people….. pat your heads.(St John Therapy Dog Program)
You often see what others do not, you can understand what people sometimes just want,
A little compassion goes a long way
You genuinely help people with their hospital stay.
You are our "ear to the ground" so to speak, it is your caring that everyone seeks.
We see you on every floor all areas and more, ED ( ER) , OPD, Cancer Clinic and the Lab
in Mamo, the Mail, flower care and , gift shop too
Pre Surgical Screening, Information Desks all of these and more who knew?
TeaTime, Meal Time , Music Time, Craft Time, Cuddlers. and floats,
Ortho Clinics, Library, baby clinics, ICU, and visiting you always raise hope!
You help brighten lives a little at a time,
offering a book, or a candy, lending an ear is all so kind.
You do things at home to help those in need,
Knitting and sewing you are up to speed,
Unique and fun items the crafter can do
fancy table runners and scarves to name a few
The patients are cozy thanks to your care, they are all so grateful
their feet and their laps are not bare!
And you also take pride and great efforts in doing their Hair!
Achievements in fundraising, you all should be proud; the goals you have reached rise higher than clouds.
Time is precious this is all true, with many other commitments we know we are only a part of what you do
We know you are busy, with family and friends your volunteering spirit knows no end.
You seldom say no, you often do more……so now it is time to thank you a bunch
and enough of me talking lets have lunch!


our free time

Busy time

During our graveyard shift

With our former supervisor Ma'am Teray taken during the program

With mother Helen at the GS Ward.

This is my life as a volunteer..:)

BC Blogger Meme: 5 Countries I Want to Visit Before I Retire

I am very excited to write about this one.  My cousin-in-law asked for helped several weeks ago to make a powerpoint presentation about 5 countries that she wants to visit. While helping her, I began to think about MY 5 countries which I want to visit and it coincides with this week's Meme of BC Blogger. (Thanks Jimmy for coming up with this wonderful blog.)

Now here is my list:

1. Canada

My top choice is Canada because my husband and I are currently processing our application as immigrant in Quebec.  So there is a big possibility that I get to visit and live in this country.

 Niagara Falls which is a very famous tourist attraction in Canada.

Montreal, our future home.

2.  Maldives

Every time I scroll my timeline in Facebook, I always get fascinated by pictures taken in Maldives.  I make it a habit to share it on my husband's timeline and tag "2nd honeymoon?"  The beaches, the sand and the resorts are so welcoming that is why this is the 2nd country which I want to visit prior to retirement.

3. Italy

Rome, Verona, Venice and many more.  Italy has a very rich history and culture.  From the famous Romeo and Juliet, and the ancient infrastructures.  It always amazes me what Italy can offer to its tourists.

4. Bahamas

I love the beach.  Ever since Miss Universe was held in Bahamas, it always comes to my mind that I will visit that place someday.  Just like the Maldives, Bahamas has great beaches, a very good place for vacation and honeymoon!

5.  Greece

I always imagine living in one of the houses in Greece.  The white-painted houses overlooking the harbor is quite astonishing.  

As I was writing this blog, I began to ponder about what our country has to offer to the people.  Funny as it seems, I thought that I haven't visited the country where I was born.  I have been as far as Iloilo, Cebu and Manila but I haven't visited 7, 000 more islands.  So I am adding my 6th country and it is the Pearl of the Orient Sea, Philippines.

 Bangui Windmill in Ilocos Norte

 Masskara Festival in Bacolod

 Banaue Rice Terraces

 Chocolate Hills in Bohol


 Mayon Volcano

 Underground River in Palawan

 Taal Lake


These are just some of the reasons why I want to visit the country where I live.  It's more fun in the Philippines.

So what about you? What are the top 5 countries you want to visit before you retire?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Matt Bomer Pic of The Week

Here's my Matt Bomer Pic of The Week..

My Matt Bomer Pic of The Week 08152012: :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Day In My Not So Boring Life...

This is my first time to join BC Bloggers' Meme. After reading the topic about 2 days ago, (thanks Yuuki for hosting.) I began to think what my typical day would look like..  My schedule varies from day to day depending on the errands and also now that I live on a new home, embracing married life..

8am - wake up time, cuddle a bit and talk with my husband what we will be doing for the day.   Prayer time.

9-10:30 - a very long breakfast....:)

10:30 - my free time, usually my laptop time.:) But if we have a schedule to go to the farm and visit the lovely pigs. It is also time for laundry and cleaning.

12:00 - lunch time with the family, the school boys and grandmother.

13:00 - 16:00 - bath time, and another long session with the laptop.  But sometimes my husband and I watch a marathon of tv series (now were watching White Collar).  This is also a time for us to make special homemade chorizo.  Business first before leisure.

16:00 - 18:00 - time to help the kids with their homework and lessons.

18:00 - 20:00 - Our tea time, we usually do it three to four times a day. No dinner for us. Oatmeal will do.

This is a typical rest day for me.  But my day usually starts on a Saturday, the most hectic day of the week. Some may say that I am lucky with this schedule but it always depends on the day I face.  :)

What about you? Share what your typical day looks like.:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The day I joined BC Bloggers..

I am a newbie in the blogging world.  I have signed up in several blogging sites already, overwhelmed about the idea of writing, but I am always stuck to ideas.  I never had the chance to write because I was afraid of failures and mistakes.  But I gathered all my thoughts, banished my fears and started writing.

As I was chatting with my friend Manang May two days ago, I asked her several questions about blogging.  Thanks to her helpful tips and advice.  As I was reading her blog, a BC Bloggers badge caught my attention. Now here I am writing a blog about the group.  This is a start for me.  Thanks Mommy Diary and everyone at BC bloggers.