Thursday, August 2, 2012

The day I joined BC Bloggers..

I am a newbie in the blogging world.  I have signed up in several blogging sites already, overwhelmed about the idea of writing, but I am always stuck to ideas.  I never had the chance to write because I was afraid of failures and mistakes.  But I gathered all my thoughts, banished my fears and started writing.

As I was chatting with my friend Manang May two days ago, I asked her several questions about blogging.  Thanks to her helpful tips and advice.  As I was reading her blog, a BC Bloggers badge caught my attention. Now here I am writing a blog about the group.  This is a start for me.  Thanks Mommy Diary and everyone at BC bloggers.


  1. Welcome to BC Bloggers, Jessel! Thanks for dropping by my blog :-) Keep writing!

  2. I've been a BC Blogger member since last year I guess! You are so blessed to be part of the group.. really great! Welcome to BC Blogger group and good luck to your blogging career...

  3. Hi welcome :) If you want a link exchange ( feel free to email me :) -> miss JHENZ

  4. WElcome to BC Bloggers sis. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

  5. Revisiting just to say you're on my list here:

    Versatile Blogger Award

    Hope to see you again on the next CE's