Tuesday, July 31, 2012

City Girl at a Farm? First Times...

Who would expect that today I will experience something different? A visit to the farm, feeding the pigs and conversing with the caretakers --- these are our usual to-do lists when going there. But today became different...

It all happened when Tita Mitzi wanted to go find shells (I forgot the name).  Along with Tita Tata, Nang Susan, Nang Melanie, Bastitoy and Inday we walked for almost 1 kilometer heading to the stream where the  shells are located.  Walking over the rice fields (kahon) was very thrilling especially when the soil is smooth due to heavy rains.  Imagine getting stuck in the mud. A city girl doesn't get to experience this everyday.  :)

When we arrived, there is a stream about 1 meter wide in between the ricefields.  The group already started going down the knee high water picking up shells while I was a bit hesitant because thinking I have wounds in the feet (leptospirosis?)  My bladder was a bit full but I decided against hiding over the bananas to pee. (It was a first if I did not hold my urge.lol) They are so happy looking for the shells that I became envious. So my impulsive self decided to try and dip myself too.  Bahala na Leptospirosis, Schistosomiasis.  It was so fun picking up shells, making your fingernails dirty in the mud.  Eventually I gave up after several failed attempts. :)

Looking afar, the dark skies are looming over us.  Manang Melanie told us that the rain will not fall but us being the city girls, afraid of getting wet packed up hurriedly and walked, almost run back to the rice fields again.  I was the first in line so I walked fast on an 8-inch elevated ground.  Oh my, being so careless I accidentally stepped on the mud losing my balance.  Whoops! I throw the basket and my slippers got stuck under a foot of mud.  But I still considered myself lucky for my clothes were spared.  But Tita Mitzi also hurrying fell with her feet up. Her clothes were full of mud. (imagine!) It was unforgettable! First times in my life that I dip in a dirty stream and falling on the rice fields.  But these first moments that we rarely experienced become spices of our lives.


  1. Before I graduated in college, I had to spend almost six months in Pangasinan. Experienced being chased by a carabao, falling face flat on rice fields and getting stuck in deep mud.

    Overall, every moment was an unforgettable experience!

  2. Sometimes these unusual experiences make our life more meaningful. :)