Monday, July 2, 2012

The Life of an IELTS Examinee..

I will be taking this exam next week and what can I say? I'm so nervous, especially in the Speaking Exam..I always stutter whenever I am nervous. I hope next week I will overcome this feeling.  Before taking the test, I have a few tips for you.Hope this will help.

1.  Review.  Choose a good review center.  I chose Excelsior Training and Consulting Services because of its reputation and good reviews.  If you reside in Bacolod City, their location is at Room 246, 2nd Floor (Office Level) Plaza Mart City Mall.  You can contact them through landline: (034) 433 -1976, or mobile 09156519984.  They offer a 2-week lecture, practice tests and simulation which will prepare you better for the exam.  If you are planning to self-review, make sure you have time and you should dedicate yourself to the review. Beware of temptations! :)

2. Research.  Search the net. Look for websites that give IELTS Writing Samples and Speaking Topics. If you are taking the General Training test like me, try this site:  It is very helpful. The samples can give you ideas on what to write in a letter.  You can also try You can also try listening to BBC news or any shows or movies with British accents.  This will help you adapt in different accents that you will encounter in the Listening Test.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.  It will sharpen your Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.  Practice makes perfect. Your brain will be more comfortable in dealing with difficult questions if you bombard it with plenty of questions.

4. Pray.  Ask God for guidance and for knowledge and wisdom.

5. Prepare. Prepare the clothes that you will wear on the Speaking Test and your proof of identity.  Sharpen your pencils and clean your erasers.

Enjoy... :)


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